These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

I like to try new things. I don’t wear the same lipstick every day. Ok, I don’t wear lipstick every day. I use different kinds of shampoo. I have a running list of television shows. But right now, these are a few things that I am attached to…

1.  I read some reviews on this product a few months ago. It was raved about it, and when I checked my Target the little rack was empty! And empty and empty. Basically, the rack was empty for every single trip for 2 months. One day a few weeks ago – the heavens opened – and there it was hanging in her little spot (because make-up has to be a “she” to me). The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in Highlighte.r is my new go to….I LOVE this highlighter! Not too shimmery! Not too thick. The last thing I need is to look like I’m going clubbing when I’m headed to read to my daughter’s kindergarten class. I also don’t want to look like I haven’t slept past 6:15 in months… This product just makes me look awake and alert! So since I actually haven’t slept past 6:15 in months… Please grab me a tube. My Target is out again!

2. You will not find me with my finger nails painted very often. I know. Who doesn’t have time to paint their finger nails (dripping with sarcasm). I do love a painted finger nail around the holidays. They just seem so fancy. Essie’s Leading Lady is my go-to color. A pretty red with sparkle. Yes, you read right. Sparkle. It is the holidays. And it is sold out right now so people must be wearing sparkle on their nails.
3.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 5 years ago, and have also struggled with anemia and a B12 deficiency… So I don’t feel great a lot of the time. I have been drinking Amazing Grass Green Superfood Energy in the watermelon flavor for about 2 years now. Let me preface, this by saying that this is NOTHING but my personal opinion, but, I love this drink! It may not be the most palatable taste, but the boost it gives me following my drink is worth chugging it. Mixing this up is the first thing I do every single morning. I get a probiotic, vitamins, and in the process get a lot of water in at the very beginning of the day! Like I said, I am  by no means an expert in the area of vitamins, but when I find something that I feel works – I stick with it! The best part is that it is affordable as far as drink supplements go.
4. Blake and I are behind. I know we are. Give us a break – we have 5 kids. But we did it. We finally started watching Friday Night Lights. And I don’t want to say that we sometimes watch 3 episodes. A night. But… Sometimes we watch 3 episodes a night. We both grew up in small towns where the entire town came out for high school football games, so we are enjoying the show.
friday night lights
5. One of my best friends and her husband recently went to Ethiopia on their charter trip for their new non-profit organization Gospel and Grain… Erica and Preston have an adopted daughter from Ethiopia and their heart for the country is such a beautiful thing to watch! They have begun this organization in which you can sponsor a child and help provide food, schooling, medicine, and most importantly – the love of Christ! If you are looking for a tangible way to be involved in missions, this is it! We have sponsored our sponsor child for a year now and we are so excited that Blake is going to get to meet him in April on a mission trip through our church and Gospel and Grain!
Gospel and Grain Logo 1
6. Origins face mask
7. Hairspray

How To Hang Something Without Making Extra Holes

Sometimes I am so anxious to hang something on my wall that I just start nailing. If I’m grouping things for a gallery, the natural flow of adding one at a time works for me. And exact measurements and spacing can be corrected by adding another piece of art or a frame. But sometimes, sometimes you need to be sure that you aren’t going to end up with extra holes on your wall. Sometimes, you can’t afford to spackle a screw hole because that means you then have to repaint the entire 20 foot wall because flat paint is impossible to touch up. So what do you do?

IMG_7501Trace whatever you are hanging on poster board or wrapping paper or an art roll and then cut it out and tape it up! But be sure to use painters tape! I moved those 3 circles around into 4 different groupings for a few days and didn’t settle on a configuration until #4. If I had hung the baskets where I originally envisioned them, I would be patching some screw holes and painting this weekend. Such an easy fix for a potentially time consuming problem.


Family Room Wall

I finally got my wall baskets hung this past weekend. I went with collapsible metal firewood baskets on our family room wall. My plan had been to use woven ones, but I am very glad my husband talked me out of them. He wasn’t a fan of the woven “wicker” baskets and trays, so I kept searching and found these at a local home store in Louisville – Home Inspired.
IMG_7437It is important to me that our walls don’t feel cluttered and have a clean feel to them so I love that you can see through the wire. It gives them an unobtrusive feel. There is no “spanking new” shine on these beauties either. They are old and rusted which adds some warmth and a “lived in” quality to the space. IMG_7440I found some very similar baskets here in case you aren’t local and can’t pop into Home Inspired to order these exact baskets for yourself.

IMG_7431 (1)


Basket Options


I wanted to be sure when I put nail holes in my “new” wall, that I was committed to what was being hung, so after deciding on some form of baskets I began my search for just the right ones. I scoured Home Goods and Target and Pottery Barn. They were a little harder to find then I expected. But after searching for a while I learned some key search words: woven, tobacco, collapsible. I was pleasantly surprised by the options that presented themselves when I began to cast wider searches. I am positive that searching through antique shops and peddlers malls you could find wonderful options, but with 5 kids – online shopping is the way for me most of the time. Which also means that you can find the same exact baskets I did!



I Have This Wall…

I really thought that I wasn’t going to want anything on our television wall. We have this big deer head from Restoration Hardware on one wall in our family room and an open staircase/loft on another wall and our 3rd wall is filled with windows, so I just really thought it needed to be clear and clean. But the longer I lived with it, the more I felt that it just felt bare.

And so I did what I always do when stuck on a design decision. I went to pinterest.  Hours were spent scouring through home photos because it was such a big space and I have this thing about wall hangings being too small. I hate it. But, I digress. I was immediately drawn to baskets.  There was something unique about them and I love the texture. Here are a few pictures I loved enough to pin when searching for wall hanging inspiration.  Maybe they will inspire you to refresh a wall…


Weekend Movie Ideas

We have grown board with many of the children’s movies on Netflix in our home(Except Yours, Mine, and Ours)… So I have resorted to playing my crew movie’s from my childhood. And they love them. Bonus, so do I! Why don’t they make sweet, innocent movies like these anymore? I could have made this a master list of like 15 movies we are working our way through, but here are 6 to fill your free time this hot summer weekend.  Only a few more of these weekends left before school begins, so if it’s raining and we can’t be at the pool, you will find us on the couch being lazy and watching one of these flicks!movies


House Light Chosen

I picked out my top 5 choices for outdoor lighting a few months ago and I have been sitting on my options since then. Here is a taste of what I have been loving!outdoor-lighting-options

My birthday was a few weeks ago and my parents gave me money for lights so I finally had to make a decision. Here is what I picked out!

edited light

I just ordered the Homesteader Seeded Glass Outdoor Wall Lantern from Shades of Light. Ultimately, it was one of the larger lights at 19 inches tall for the cost. I also love that it is part modern and part tradition with the seeded glass. Ordering a light I have never seen in person makes me a tad nervous, so here’s hoping they come in looking as beautiful as I envisioned! I can’t wait to share pictures of the house with them up!


Top 3 Choices to Dine At in Savannah

With 5 young children, dining out always plays an important use of our time when traveling alone. Blake and I always do alot of research about the best places to eat because it has been years since we have regularly visited sit down restaurants. Savannah made that job hard! The city is full of wonderful seafood restaurants and lots of little pubs. We visited more then these spots obviously, but these 3 restaurants were my favorite from this trip!

1. The Olde Pink House – Every time I asked where to eat or searched Savannah’s top restaurants, The Olde Pink House was always at the top of every. Single. List. So naturally, we couldn’t pass up the chance to eat at what was raved as Savannah’s best restaurant. And it did not disappoint! The old home was beautiful and the restaurant ran like clockwork. Not to mention that the food was wonderful! I had sea scallops and Blake had fried chicken. While I loved my seafood, the crust on his chicken beat it! Word of advice? Make your reservations for the tavern if you visit! We snuck down to look around after dinner and were heartbroken that we missed the opportunity to sit the in quaint, dimly lit cellar. You felt like you were in the most romantic spot in all of Savannah, and that’s saying alot!


2. The Sixpence Pub – While on a horse drawn tour one morning, we passed by this little pub on Bull Street. Blake loves British pubs after spending a semester in London in college and then when we had learned that it was in a scene from “Something To Talk About” with Dennis Quaid and Julia Roberts, we knew we had to make our way back for lunch. It has a tiny little dining room of about 10 tables and beautiful dark wood bar. And the food… the food was delicious. Blake had an open roast beef sandwich and I had a small salad(with homemade ranch dressing) and yummy french onion soup. We will most certainly pay The Sixpence Pub a visit on our next trip to Savannah. 63. Vinnie Van Go-Go’s – This restaurant was by far the most casual spot we visited on our trip, but was most definitely one of our favorite meals. When researching places to eat, this little place popped up over and over again. The only seating is patio, so dress appropriately, but it is worth it! Anytime that Blake and I can eat pizza together and each get what we want is a good day! Neither of our favorite choices would be something the other would enjoy. At Vinnie Van Go-Go’s you can order entire pie’s, but we went for the customizable slices. For $3 you start with a huge slice of cheese pizza and then add on whatever you life for a small up charge. Mushrooms and onion for me while Blake got sausage on one slice and pineapple and ham on a second. Keep in mind that they only accept cash, and don’t open until late afternoon, but if you are headed to Savannah, you have to try the pizza. pizza


The Great Vacation Debate – Savannah Wins!

If you follow me on Instagram you already know, that when it came to our vacation decision making – Savannah won out! Neither of us had ever been and the idea of combining both history, a new location, and the beach made our decision making fairly easy!

I took my camera, but it never left our hotel room. While I wish I had a few pictures with our camera, Blake and I were able to spend 3 full days with little electronic usage. We were snapping a few photos of beautiful homes and cobblestone streets with our phones, but worked hard to enjoy the moment. And the moments went quickly! I had done some research, but had no idea how much there would be to do in Savannah! There were beautiful mansions to tour, horse and trolley tours, ghost tours, tons of quaint little shops, and -this is saying alot coming from Louisville, KY- more restaurants then I could imagine!

If Savannah is on your list of places to visit, move it to the very top! It is a gorgeous city with so much history. Savannah won my heart!








A Simple Centerpiece

These pots were a find. I purchased them from Anthropologie with no idea what to do with them, but knowing I couldn’t walk away from 5 pots for $15!!!! A few months after purchasing them, I knew that with that rustic, worn look they needed one thing – MOSS. Not real moss of course, because I can only keep fake plants alive. Here is how I threw together a quick, simple centerpiece for our dining room table.


Pots of your choice


Hot Glue

Green Moss

1. Crumple up enough newspaper to fill your pots. Make sure it comes above the edge of the pot.

2. Hot glue the sheet moss to the top of the newspaper.

3. Tuck the excess moss into the side of the pots


centerpiece 2

Photo By Laura Cook Photography